With the great power and capability that the D90 comes with, it stands true to the values it reflects and delivers on what it's made for - the outdoors and the adventures. Built on the next-generation intelligent 4 wheel drive system, the D90 takes on and tackles all kinds of terrains that come it's way.

Highly recognizable G-shape LED hi-tech taillights

Striking LED hi-tech headlights.

9-meter-long 3D full aluminum luggage rack unified with the roof.

Integrated suspended roofline design, Maxus D90 is not only sporty but also ensures the headspace of the third row, makes a strong car body without losing its layers.

Every inch of the D90 is thoughtfully and aesthetically designed around only one central emotion – YOU. As you step inside the D90, you find yourself surrounded by an ecosystem of plush and personalized luxury.

Multifunctional steering wheel with four-direction adjustment and steering wheel heating function.

With an entertainment system just as smart as the rest of the SUV, your driving experience is set to be effortlessly enjoyable. 12.3” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and High quality 12 speakers.

Unmatched premium luxury and best in class interior space, 7 full-size seats

High performance 2.0 Turbocharged engine with a peak torque of 360 Nm and a maximum horsepower up to 224ps.

Seven driving modes for all terrains, equipped with BorgWarner transfer case, the D90’s on-demand or real-time intelligent 4WD drive train adeptly provides top-class torque control and distribution.

D90 has a double-wishbone independent suspension in the front. Compared to McPherson suspension used in some urban SUVs, D90 may accommodate different kinds of roads with large transverse stiffness, better turning angle, and stronger ground-hugging.

The D90 comes with Best-in-class safety features for a protected drive.

  • 2510mm longest side cushion
  • All rounded six airbags
  • Strongest thermoforming pillar among peers
  • More than 70% strong and ultra-strong steel car body
  • Chassis armor protection
  • Traction Control System
  • Engine Drag Control
  • ISOFIX and Top-Tether

Adaptive Cruise Control

0-150km/h automatic cruising function is realized through intelligent gas and brake control. Easily coping with cars followed while waiting for a red light or in a traffic jam. Free your feet with continuous use of this function.

Lane-Keeping Assist

The system takes over the steering wheel, allowing the vehicle to automatically drive in the lane, thus freeing your hands.

Mobileye high-sensitivity camera

Developed with the world’s most advanced vision algorithm and driving aid system chip technology.

Traffic Sign Recognition

The camera can recognize speed limit, no overtaking, and other road signs, and display the content on the dashboard, reminding drivers to notice.

Pedestrian Detection System

Identifying people, children, cars, cyclists, then transmits information to the computer for analysis and judgment to give other system instructions.

The electric tail door is easy to open with four methods: key, reading light switch, touchpad, and kick sensor. Garage mode can adjust the height of the tail door.

Body design with systematic noise reduction, active noise canceling system, and thick passive acoustic insulation package, give you the Theater-level NVH mute effect.

Car seats have such functions as ventilation, heating, massage, and memory which can provide you and your family a comfortable and pleasant journey.