Built to power your business

Powerful, economical, and safe, it’s a pure pleasure to drive. Eco-D 2.5 turbo diesel engine features common rail direct injection which improves efficiency and lowers fuel consumption and emissions. 1,400 rpm per hour turbocharge is immediately put to work, realizing the powerful performance that has low rotation speed but high torsion. The engine can perform with high efficiency at both high speed and low speed.

Maximum power output can reach 136hp with maximum torque of 330N.m.

With international resources and leading technology, Maxus is dedicated to producing the best vehicle of the class. The humane and comfortable technology of the Mini-Bus ensures an enjoyable journey from departure to arrival.

Cargo van offers 3 seats, which is made for smooth transportation and to handle the demands of work with no problem.

Maxus V80 features the largest internal space of 11.4-meter square among its peers. It is designed for greater comfort when loading and unloading material. Spacious and user-friendly with a 180-degree rear door opening and a sliding door on each side.

Quality and durability are built into the V80 at every step. More than 50% of the car body adopts high strength and extra high strength steel, which creates a reliable safety guarantee actively and passively, lightweight material provides added safety without compromising fuel efficiency.

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