The power you need to get ahead

Whether you’re looking to bring a heavy load for work or a weekend away, the T60 makes it easy with a massive 3,000kg maximum braked towing capacity

At the heart of the T60 is the legendary SAIC engine that delivers incredible power and performance efficiency to take on the toughest of terrain. 2.8T Diesel engine, adopting VGT variable-section turbocharging technology, low-speed and high-torque with peak torque at 360 N.m; Maximum power 110Kw adopts BOSCH third-generation high-pressure common rail direct fuel injection technology with a combined consumption as low as 7.5L/100Km.

0T Comfortable passenger gasoline engine, International leading engine technology.

  • 4L High-efficiency commercial gasoline engine. Roaring power with low fuel consumption.

In the T60, you’re equipped to keep right on going, no matter the conditions. BorgWarner’s four-wheel drive can switch between two-wheel drive and high-speed four-wheel drive without stopping. At the same time, the 4L gear can enlarge the torque by 2.5 times, making it easier to get out of trouble.

Cruise through using three drive modes that adapt to your needs.

The rear-axle differential lock comes from Eaton, USA. Automatic locking available when the wheel speed difference reaches 100 rev/min, a must for bad road conditions.

In the T60, you’ll find unexpected comfort and space on every seat.

The vehicle has passed routine durability of over 1 million kilometers, the high-load endurance test of 200,000 kilometers as well as the high-temperature and high-altitude plateau test, allowing T60 to have the capacity under extreme conditions. It has also passed the 100-day salt spray anti-corrosion test that exceeds the industry standard, as well as got verified by a 10-year road intensified corrosion test

The whole vehicle is made of a high-strength frame and the chassis structure is more solid. High-strength steel and full robot welding, resulting in a 30% increase in stiffness, enable a superior vehicle towing ability.

No matter how rugged the vehicle, safety’s always a priority. And in the T60, you and everyone around you can rest assured that this vehicle is packed with safety features, a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, Front driver, and passenger airbags.

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